Whole Life: Designing Life After Covid-19

Designing Life After Covid-19 in India is a solution-oriented research initiative I lead with Patrick Whitney. We started this work while at the Design Laboratory at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, with the goal to explore ways in which design can help individuals and organizations be better prepared for future epidemics. This initiative has three interconnected projects. As of March 2023, phase I has been completed, and phase II is underway. All research activities are being guided by two complementary design models: the Four-I and the Whole View

  1. Remember Now was a remote ethnographic study that gathered 12.000+ micro-stories about how 1200+ people living across 15 countries coped with Covid-19. This phase results in opportunity spaces and action areas by identifying variable relationships extracted from participants’ stories, and then aggregating and visualizing them in a system map.
  2. Sketch Tomorrow is an ongoing series of ideation sessions where experts use their experience and results from Remember Now to quickly explore diverse conceptual ideas that range from organizations, services, and strategies to policies that can help us make the world a healthier place.
  3. Prototype Future includes experts in exploring bold policies that can help translate the sketches from the previous phases into interventions through prototyping and piloting endeavors.

Below you can download two reports created by graduate students at the IIT Institute of Design that used data gathered in India and in the USA.