Below are the courses I created for expanding the IIT Institute of Design curriculum on sustainability.

Sustainable Systems

This course exposes students to the complexity of sustainable development, and explores systems-based approaches to enhance the design processes towards sustainable solutions. Through key concepts of industrial ecology, circular economy, and system-thinking, students focus on how environmental performance can support sustainable design practices.

Sustainable Solutions Seminar

Even though it is well acknowledged that the unprecedented interconnectivity of the world economy, the global society, and the natural environment has a direct impact in the local lives and wellbeing of communities, yet change makers still struggle to understand how these forces can shape contexts, circumstances, and experiences, limiting their ability to envision livelihoods. In this course students learn key principles and concepts on complex adaptive systems in relation to systems design for understanding how multiple lenses of innovation are shaping value creation and new economies.

Innovation Lenses

Despite notable advances that discourses around sustainability-centered innovation practices have achieved, they are still leaving an exponentially growing environmental and social degenerative footprint across socio-ecological systems.  This course will introduce students to eight innovation lenses capable of advancing sustainability-centered innovation practices.