I am curious about life in general and open to explore my next move. 


I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Chicago in August 2016 to complete a Ph.D. at IIT Institute of Design (ID). My research interests are decision-making in complex spaces of innovation, and sustainable solutions for socio-ecological-technical challenges. Previously to Chicago, I worked on projects related to organization design, business development, sustainable development, urban planning and design, and architecture, in Brazil, Mexico, and United States.

I am energized by the challenge of the unfamiliar, and the potential designers have to contribute towards sustainable futures.


Currently, I have several temporary positions at ID and at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH). At ID, I am an adjunct faculty teaching the two courses I have developed: Sustainable Systems and Sustainable Solutions Seminar.  I am also a teacher assistant for master level courses. Faculty members usually welcome me in their classes to bring new perspectives on systems innovation for sustainability and equity. As a researcher, I am leading projects related to brownfield redevelopment in the Calumet region for the Chicago Design Lab. In the same position, I am also working with Dr. Carlos Teixeira and Dr. Weslynne Ashton on a grant-winning research for Designing Sustainable Solution.  Finally, at HSPH I am a research assistant for Patrick Whitney, leading efforts related to design for social innovation within Public Health challenges.

A quick learner always seeking opportunities to contribute to new perspectives towards sustainable solutions.


Before starting my Ph.D. journey, I received a Master of Science’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Urban Planning, a Master’s degree in Geography, Cities, and Architecture, and a dual major bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Cross-cultural awareness and critical thinking gave me the ability to rationally articulate different perspectives and inspire others to new levels of achievements.